Assortment Boxes

Create your own system for complete order

Order creates results

The assortment box system is designed for use in the workshop, on-site, on the move or for fitting in service vehicles. The order you build up from the start can be maintained wherever you go.
That creates results at work.


Choose between Boxxser, CarryLite and Assorter


raaco inserts - a unique system

The inserts fit all 3 types of assortment boxes, but are also used in other raaco products, so you can organise them to suit your own requirements. They represent a unique system with infinite variety to meet individual needs for order.


Handy and stationary storage

For your van or workshop, where you need to have several boxes together – or you need to take them with you.


With a HandyBox, HandyBoxxser, SafeBox, CL transporter or CarryLite shelving it becomes easy to store the boxes, or to transport several of them at once.


1. HandyBox system for transport. With space for Assorter boxes. For easy, compact transport with one hand.

2. HandyBoxxser. For storage of 4 Boxxser boxes, with easy access to the contents. Transportable, stackable and wall-mountable.

3. SafeBox. Cabinet for storing CarryLite. Fitted with telescopic rails. Can be locked with a key.

4. Mobile storage unit/transport box, which makes it easy to transport your CarryLites. Incl.  carrying strap. Wheels which can be attached (extra accessories).

5. CarryLite shelf. For your van or workshop, to combine several CarryLite boxes where required.


The craftsmen say

 At Sonny VVS, a large team of plumbers undertake service and installations for private householders, commercial companies and public institutions.

“It's great to have a reliable storage system. I save hours when the different fittings are sorted properly. I have the system in my vans and at my workshop and it always works well. Excellent!”

Sonny Bengtson, Sonny VVS ApS.