Assortment Boxes

Create your own system for complete order

Order creates results

The assortment box system is designed for use in the workshop, on-site, on the move or for fitting in service vehicles. The order you build up from the start can be maintained wherever you go.
That creates results at work.


Choose between Boxxser, CarryLite and Assorter


raaco inserts - a unique system

The inserts fit all 3 types of assortment boxes, but are also used in other raaco products, so you can organise them to suit your own requirements. They represent a unique system with infinite variety to meet individual needs for order.


Environmentally-friendly, made from recyclable materials

Assorter is the only one of our 3 assortment boxes, which is available with fixed compartments. Assorter is a system designed and created specifically for practical sorting.


Assorter was developed according to DFD guidelines (Design for Disassembly), which ensure that the box can be disassembled and the parts replaced/reused.


The range consists of 12 boxes in different sizes. Some of the boxes are equipped with U-profiles inside the lid that keep the contents in place during transport.

Practical, good for storing small items

1. Removable inserts in 20 variants. Different sized inserts included so that the box can be arranged as required.

2. Assorter - also available with fixed compartments. If you do not need flexible inserts, Assorter is available with fixed compartments.

3. Secure and ergonomic. Solid sliding locks and ergonomic handle make this a secure, easy to carry box.

4. Semi-transparent lid. Gives rapid overview. Raised U-profiles ensure that the contents stay in place.

5. Meet any individual requirement. Available in 12 different variants. Five different heights and four widths.

6. Impact-resistant plastic. Made of highly resistant plastic. Tolerates temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees.

7. Integrated feet in the bottom. Makes Assorter stackable, and protects the surface against scratches.

8. HandyBox system for transport. With room for 4 Assorter boxes. For easy, compact transport with one hand.




The mother of Boxxser and CarryLite

Assorter is the first box that was developed in the range of assortment boxes. Its features have been refined and further developed in the next generations of Boxxser and CarryLite boxes.


The Assorter box is the only one of the 3 systems that has not received awards for its design. Yet it is the mother of the Boxxser and CarryLite boxes and the future-proof insert system.

Practical and systematic

The electrician company Enelco do not have time to look for their tools.


”I use my assortment boxes every time I’m working at a customer's premises. They give me good overview, save me a lot of time and I don't have to go rooting around for things.”

Martin Steen, electrician at Enelco ApS