raaco and order are interrelated

Since 1956, raaco has developed and manufactured innovative, streamlined, space-saving and durable storage systems for both industry and professional craftsmen all over the world.

raaco’s systems are designed for order. With a sound range of practical solutions, even large quantities of small items, tools and accessories can be organised and stored in a manageable way. This makes day-to-day work much easier, while saving time, space and money.


We receive a lot of recognition

Over the years, raaco has received numerous international awards for our excellent industrial design. This imposes a special commitment. We therefore make exacting demands of the systems’ practical function, as well as their durability.


Caring for the environment

We give a lot of weight to ensuring the company’s environmentally sound development and operation. In practice, this means that we take care to minimise the burden on our employees and the environment. In practice, we focus on establishing a good physical and psychosocial working environment and creating robust, environmentally-friendly solutions with long durability – for the benefit of both the user and the environment.


Philosophy - You create the order and overview you need

raaco’s products and durable storage systems give you possibilities – while you define the solution that suits you best.

The product range is characterised by innovative quality solutions that are easy to use.


Great flexibility with the possibility of:

 - individual adjustment of products to match personal needs

 - combined use of different products

 - construction or expansion of systems over time


Robust design and well-considered choice of materials, with an emphasis on durability and the environment.