Assortment Boxes

Create your own system for complete order

Order creates results

The assortment box system is designed for use in the workshop, on-site, on the move or for fitting in service vehicles. The order you build up from the start can be maintained wherever you go.
That creates results at work.


Choose between Boxxser, CarryLite and Assorter


raaco inserts - a unique system

The inserts fit all 3 types of assortment boxes, but are also used in other raaco products, so you can organise them to suit your own requirements. They represent a unique system with infinite variety to meet individual needs for order.


Lightweight and robust

CarryLite is a lightweight assortment box. Produced specifically for overview and order, which makes the system highly durable.


The range is in three sizes: 55, 80 and 150 mm in height with movable inserts, and 150 mm in height with partitions that can be placed according to requirement. 


Choose between a normal or sandwich lid for labels, with or without U-profiles. The U-profiles are inside the lid and keep the contents in place during transport. Both types of lid are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Excellent overview

1. Extra inserts in a wide range of sizes to fully customise the box according to requirement.

2. 2 sizes and 3 heights. Add to your CarryLite system when required. A simple, easily-manageable system.

3. Sandwich lid for better overview. The double lid makes it possible to insert a label for content identification.

4. Red open/closed indicator. Indicates whether the lid is unlocked. Seals can also be inserted at each sliding lock.

5. Multi point hinges are strong. Robust, highly durable mutlipoint hinges in the lid, made of high quality plastic.

6. CarryLite 150, extra high. Removable partitions in 3 sizes or with movable inserts. Divide the box into several compartments.

7. Make life easy with a transport box. Mobile storage unit to make it easy to transport up to 4 CarryLite units.

8. CarryLite shelf. For the van or workshop - keep several CarryLite together when required.

Award-winning design

CarryLite received the IF design award in 1997 and the ID prize in 1995.


The ID award 

The ID Prize is now the Danish Design Prize (as from 2000). It was introduced in 1965 and was given to the best Danish design. It was an annual prize awarded by the former Danish Designråd (now the Danish Design Council). 


iF design award

The IF design award is one of the world's largest design prizes, which has been awarded since 1953. There are six categories of awards, with a jury of international experts in the fields of design, industry and education. Every year, hundreds of companies submit their products to the design competition, which the jury assesses according to such criteria as: design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value, etc.

We create overview and order by ourselves

At Sonny VVS a large group of plumbers provide service and installations for private customers, companies and public institutions.


“It's great to have a system that can take the knocks at work. I save hours when different fittings are sorted properly. I have the system in my vans and at the workshop and it always works well. Excellent!”

Sonny Bengtson, Sonny VVS ApS.