Keeping things in order keeps you in control

Designed for the future while caring for the environment 

raaco is a modern, tried and tested, future-proof system. Each product group is designed so that its components fit together, and can be stacked, moved around and organised to suit individual requirements. For example: inserts dating from 1982 still fit into the latest CarryLite trays – and will continue to do so. The system is designed to be used, with rounded corners and ergonomic handles to make it a pleasure to work with. All storage boxes are made from strong, highly durable and impact-resistant materials. Physical and practical. Besides giving an immediate overview, this ensures confidence in planning and systematisation results far into the future. 


Made in Denmark 

raaco is designed and produced in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, and we are immensely proud that our products generate great interest both in Denmark and abroad. raaco is currently used in over 40 countries, creating order in everything from small enterprises to the Airbus Group, which is among Europe´s biggest companies.