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Full protection of electronics

Raacostat provides effective anti-static protection of sensitive equipment.


Today, a rapidly increasing number of products, spare parts, tools, etc. are  based on electronic components. They are often extremely sensitive to damage caused by static electricity. This damage not only occurs during the actual production process, but also during storage, transport, etc.


Raacostat is a full range of boxes, toolboxes, shelving and drawers that provide 100% protection from static electricity. Like all other raaco products, the Raacostat series is also distinguished by many different combination options, to meet almost any individual requirements.


All solutions are made from a special plastic with carbon fibres, which makes them permanently antistatic. This means that there is no reduction of protection over time, or due to intensive use.


Raacostat naturally complies with the EN 61340-5-1 standard and all other international requirements. Surface resistance 1x10^4 - 1x10^11 Ω.