Tool Wall Panel/Clips

Flexibility and a full overview

raaco’s SuperClip System is a simple, but truly practical storage system consisting of a perforated panel and various clip varieties. With SuperClip, you can create manageable storage solutions for tools, accessories and much more, so you always have easy access to everything.


The smart clips are made from durable polyacetal and galvanised steel, with high bearing capacity. The clips can be placed anywhere in the perforated panel, attached without using tools with just one touch – and moved again just as easily. Choose between many different types of hooks and holders.


You can use SuperClip on different raaco perforated panel systems. Choose between wall-mounted and free-standing SuperClip systems. The wall-mounted systems can be expanded in horizontal and vertical series, while the free-standing systems can be mobilised with wheels and handles.

raaco SuperClip 1-10 fits all Tool Wall panels with a centre distance between holes of 34 or 38 mm.