Tool Boxes

Toolboxes with space for productivity

Overview and order in day-to-day work

Our toolboxes make it easy to maintain order, as a practical solution to keep the tools you need to hand.


Choose between open or closed series, as compact or soft boxes. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a system in different sizes that can be customised to your requirements.


You need to keep the tools you require to hand and get the work done quickly, without wasting time looking for things.


Built-in flexibility

The toolbox accessories match the entire raaco product range, making the system future-proof.



Tool Trolley Proff

About Tool Trolley Proff

Tool bag with wheels and telescopic handle. The bag is made of durable polyester with a hard waterproof bottom. It includes both inside and outside pockets/toolholders.


The large interior space is divided by a movable partition with velcro on one side for fastening of Tool Fix (optional accessory). On the other side of the partition there are 3 big mesh pockets for tools ect.


The design is spacious, practical and open, which gives a good overview and easy access to the content.

Practical and spacious

1. Trolley with fixed toolbag.

2. Silent rubber wheel.

3. Contains pockets both inside and outside for tools, accessories.

4. The large compartment inside the bag is divided by a movable divider and fitted with Velcro to attach ToolFix (extra accessory).

5. The design is spacious, practical and open for rapid overview.

Easy and efficient on wheels

“I can’t always park close to the customer's address and having a wheeled case is simply fantastic.”
Bjarne Ladevig, Service Engineer, Zolutions ApS.