Tool Boxes

Toolboxes with space for productivity

Overview and order in day-to-day work

Our toolboxes make it easy to maintain order, as a practical solution to keep the tools you need to hand.


Choose between open or closed series, as compact or soft boxes. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a system in different sizes that can be customised to your requirements.


You need to keep the tools you require to hand and get the work done quickly, without wasting time looking for things.


Built-in flexibility

The toolbox accessories match the entire raaco product range, making the system future-proof.



Open ToolBox

Practical, open and lightweight construction

Open ToolBox is 100% functional. Nothing less.


Open, simple and with easy access for tools and small items.


Open ToolBox is made of impact resistant quality plastic able to tolerate extreme temperatures.


Carrying capacity of 25 kg.

Simple lightweight construction

1. Easy access to tools. A single, spacious open main compartment and two small deep compartments.

2. Built-in drawer with dividers. For small items and accessories.

3. Full length handle. High carrying capacity.

4. Integrated feet. Protect against scratches and keeps the box clear of wet surfaces.

5. Various depths. The two smaller compartments can be used for things of varying height.

Award-winning design

Open ToolBox received the IF design award in 1999.


iF design award

iF design award is one of the world's largest design awards, which has been awarded since 1953. There are six categories of awards, with a jury of international experts in the fields of design, industry and education. Every year, hundreds of companies submit their products to the design competition, which the jury assesses according to such criteria as: design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value, etc.

Order - quite simple

“My faithful companion. Brushes, spatulas, filler compound - all handy. And I can just wipe it clean when I get home ready for the next day. Easy.”

Sebastian, Lysholt Hansen painters and decorators