Tool Boxes

Toolboxes with space for productivity

Overview and order in day-to-day work

Our toolboxes make it easy to maintain order, as a practical solution to keep the tools you need to hand.


Choose between open or closed series, as compact or soft boxes. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a system in different sizes that can be customised to your requirements.


You need to keep the tools you require to hand and get the work done quickly, without wasting time looking for things.


Built-in flexibility

The toolbox accessories match the entire raaco product range, making the system future-proof.



ToolBag Pro

Simple, hard-wearing and spacious

ToolBag Pro is made of hard-wearing, tough plastic and polyester. The sides are reinforced with two metal frames for extra stability.


The design is spacious, practical and open for rapid overview of the contents. The handle can be folded down to the side for easy access to the contents.


Available in 3 sizes.

Practical with many details

1. Large main compartment. With room for all standard tools.

2. Robust handle. Can be folded down to the side for easy access to the contents.

3. External side pockets. With reinforced bottom to protect against sharp objects.

4. Fold-out pocket (24”). With narrow, vertical pockets for small tools and items.

5. Practical tape holder T-chain - for e.g. tape rolls.

6. Holder for belt clips. For tape measures and other items with belt clips.

7. Ergonomic shoulder strap. Removable, ergonomic shoulder strap with upholstered shoulder pad.

8. Solid attachments on the ends. For heavyweight carrying.

Open and manageable

”When I’m working on the site all day, having a Tool Bag Pro over my shoulder is really handy. I know where I've got all my tools. It's a good mate!”
Kim, joiner at Pilemand A/S