Van equipment

Customised van equipment

raaco van equipment offers a flexible, modular system. 


The modules are built up from side walls and shelves available in many different widths and heights. They are made from aluminium and fitted with drawers, boxes and assortment boxes made from durable plastic.


The wide range of accessories makes it possible to customise the van equipment to match the items you need to store, ensuring an overview and easy access.


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Van equipment

Perfect workplace on four wheels

1. Flexible. raaco van equipments are simple and well-devised efficiency for the professional mobile workshop. A high-quality system built up as modules with built-in variation – ready to instal in your van.

2. Economic. raaco is known for providing storage systems with streamlined function and flexibility. This also applies to raaco van equipment. Overview and order save time, money and unnecessary visits to your wholesaler.

3. Durable. raaco stands for durable enjoyment. raaco van equipment comprises drawers, boxes, etc. in first-class impact-resistant plastic mounted in a lightweight metal frame. Robust job satisfaction – for many years.



Modular structure

raaco van equipment offers a flexible, modular shelving system. You can either opt for standard modules that cover most storage needs, or modules adapted to the needs of the electrician or plumber. You can also combine your own modules, to cover your specific needs.


raaco’s shelving is made from 100% aluminium. Aluminium is a very strong, lightweight material – which help to reduce the weight of your van layout. The lightweight solution improves both driving comfort and economy. 


The aluminium is seawater-resistant and the brackets are made from chromated steel. All of the elements are therefore corrosion-resistant. 


If you need to store many small items, opt for modules with bins and assortment boxes. But if you need to store many medium-sized or large items, you should opt for modules with larger shelving bins.

Large accessories programme

Aluminium accessories: 

Shelving includes separating panels for cables, front doors and dividers for aluminium drawers, as well as special accessories such as screw vice clamps, ladder clamps and document/binder holders.

Plastic accessories:

3 types of dividers for shelf bins, HandyBox for storage of 4 Assorter boxes in minimal space, Boxxser assortment boxes with inserts, and a drawer kit consisting of inserts of different sizes.   

Tool hooks:

raaco’s SuperClip system consists of perforated panels for mounting on the shelving side walls or cabin wall, as well as a wide range of hooks and holders, for effective storage of tools, accessories and so on.

Install the equipment

raaco van equipment is very flexible and therefore possible to install in many different types of vans.

Click on the link below and see suggestions with raaco´s flexible modules and accessories.


See which equipment fits your van here 

A secure solution

The raaco van equipment is designed, dimensioned and tested to comply with the ECE-R17 Regulation with regard to anchoring and securing interior fittings.


The system has been tested as a whole and approved by TÜV Rheinland on 13/9 2011, an internationally recognised German testing and certification company.  


TThe test was performed by the independent test firm Dahl Engineering in Thisted, Denmark. A complete set of raaco van equipment comprising 3 shelving modules, including assortment boxes, shelving drawers and bins, was installed in a chassis (VW Transporter T5) and exposed to a 50km/t (20G) collision. The shelves were subjected to a load of 80 kg per module, which corresponds to the weight of the objects for which the shelves are intended.



See the TÜV certificate here