Transport Cases

Indispensable when you’re on the move

raaco’s transport boxes can be used to store boxes, large machines and tools safely when you're on the move.


The boxes are made from solid plastic and are extremely sturdy. 


Spacious storage on wheels

The raaco Toolchest is a spacious chest that you can use to store and transport large machinery, tools and much more.


The chest is equipped with wheels and an ergonomic handle, and includes two practical tool trays. It is possible to fasten tools in the lid.


The Toolchest can be locked with a padlock. Available in two different sizes.


Advantages of a Toolchest

1. Large storage box for large equipment and tools
2. With wheels and ergonomic telescopic handle
3. Contains 2 internal tray’s for smaller tools and accessories
4. Tools can be mounted inside the lid
5. Can be secured with padlock