Shelving System

An extremely stable system

Shelving system 450 basically consists of two parts: shelves and posts. The very sturdy structure means that the individual sections can be assembled without any need for cross bracing. The shelves are mounted with just one screw and one bracket per corner – it couldn’t be simpler!


Start with a single section and then add two extra posts and a number of shelves – to get 2 sections. In principle, you can expand your solution indefinitely. The more you build, the more stable your shelving will be. To make the most of your space, combine the shelving with the accessory shelving boxes and drawers.


Both drawers and boxes have handles for easy carrying. They also have a stop edge and can be pulled right out without falling out of the shelf. If you add partitions to your drawers, you can sort and mark the contents clearly at each compartment.