You create the order and overview you need

 With raaco inserts, you can group and sort items to match your own requirements – easy, fast and efficient.


A world of possibilities
There are several insert versions that fit the 3 systems in height, breadth and depth: Boxxser, CarryLite and Assorter. By using the wide range of inserts, you can organise your raaco product to suit your own requirements – and change it whenever you like. The inserts and contents stay in place, thanks to the special fitting system. The loose inserts also make it easy to get hold of even the smallest items.


Move any insert to where you want to use it. The transparent, high-quality plastic makes it easy to identify the contents and get an overview when time is tight. The inserts are extremely sturdy and tolerate many different chemicals


Our inserts can be used across the entire raaco product range. 



About insert 55-series

The inserts in the 55 series are available in 10 different versions, and can be used for e.g. Assorter 55, Boxxser 55, CarryLite 55, Compact, drawer 250-3 and the tray in ToolCase.


Available as either individual items or in handy trays. The trays have an embossed grid at the bottom, which keeps the inserts in place.


1. Are available in 10 different styles, which can be combined in all sorts of ways and changed as needed.

2. The transparent, high-quality plastic makes it easy to identify the contents.

3. The smart inserts are available both individually and in convenient trays. The trays have grids in the bottom which holds the inserts in place.

4. Are made of polypropylene (PP) and tolerate a wide range of chemicals.

5. Can be used for Assorter 55, CarryLite 55 and the tray in our ToolCase.

6. Create order and overview with the practical inserts in boxxes, trays and drawers.