CarryMore System

More than just a box!

An system with focus on ergonomics

CarryMore is an storage and transport system with focus on ergonomic for storing 2 CarryLite 4x8. CarryMore can be stacked and linked together with several CarryMore units. The capability of front loading makes for easy access regardless of location.

The CarryMore System is made for professional craftsmen and suitable for daily use along the way.




About CarryMore

CarryMore is a storage and transport system for storing 2 CarryLite 4x8.

Each CarryMore can hold 2 CarryLite, height 55 or 80. CarryMore can be stacked and linked together with several CarryMore units, and the capability of front loading makes for easy access regardless of location.


1. An extra workstation on the top of the CarryMore for the placement of 1 CarryLite 4x8.

2. Connecting lock-mechanism to link together several units.

3. Retainers which stop the CarryLite boxes from falling out.

4. Retaining lock for added security of contents.

5. Ergonomic handle making it easier and more comfortable to carry.

6. Capability of front loading and easy access to the content regardless of location.