Tool Cases

Tool cases designed for unbeatable durability and order

This is a tool case for professionals and discerning users. Overview and functionality are a matter of course. The ToolCase range is a highly robust and strong tool case series made from impact-resistant ABS, with cast aluminium frames. This gives unbeatable strength and durability.


Covering individual needs for order

All tool cases are designed for flexible adjustment and replacement of inserts and holders as required. Flexibility and overview are vital to maintaining order during a busy working day.


The series consists of 4 models - 2 of them are trolley.

ToolCase Premium

Carefully thought out construction

ToolCase Premium features double-frame construction for increased reinforcement and durability. It has a carrying capacity at 35 kg.


Easy on wheels

The ToolCase also comes in a trolley version. 4-step trolley system 105 cm high, sufficient clearance to protect heels while walking. 


Genuine Danish design with unbeatable strength

1. Double frame structure. Heavy cast aluminium frames increase the tool case’s strength and stability.

2. Open ToolFix cassettes. Hold tools securely in place. Open at the bottom for better overview. Suitable for all types of tools between 10 and 25 mm diameter.

3. Elastic tool pockets. Suitable for all types of tools between 10 and 40 mm diameter.

4. Removable tool panels. Open at an angle for easy access.

5. Tray in the bottom. For small items and accessories. Can be divided using a wide range of inserts or partitions.

6. Open/close system with gas struts. High quality gas struts to make it safe and easy to open and close.

7. Solid wheels. With strong brackets for quiet, easy and comfortable pulling.

8. Integrated trolley system. Mounted to the frames for extra strength. 105 cm high - sufficient clearance to protect heels while walking.

Award-winning design

The ToolCase received the Red Dot Award 2014, the iF design award in 2013 and was nominated for a German Design Award in 2014.


Red Dot Award Design

This design competition has existed since 1954. The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognised seal of quality. The best products receive a Red Dot: Best of the Best award. With the help of the expert jury, the internationally organised competition assesses candidates for the “Red Dot Award: Product Design”; the best products of the year.


German Design Award

The purpose of the German Design Award is to identify and honour current unique design trends. This is a competition to promote the international design scene. The international Premium Award is given to top-quality products and projects in product and communication design that are groundbreakers within the German and international design landscape. The German Design Award was first awarded in 2012 and is one of the world’s best known design competitions.


iF design award

The IF design award is one of the world's largest design awards, which has been awarded since 1953. There are six categories of awards, with a jury of international experts in the fields of design, industry and education. Every year, hundreds of companies submit their products to the design competition, which the jury assesses according to such criteria as: design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value, etc.

'It just works'

“I can’t always park close to the customer's address and having a wheeled case is simply fantastic.”
Bjarne Ladevig, Service Engineer, Zolutions ApS