CarryLite Kitbox System

CarryLite Kitbox System

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a storage system comprising boxes with accessories, shelving units and trolleys for storage of several boxes. The system is versatile, lightweight and robust containing standard products as well as customer specific solutions which are made to order.

The highly regarded CarryLite boxes were launched in 1996 and have proven to be a bestseller and probably the most versatile and robust storage box ever made. Naturally the CarryLite box became the cornerstone of the new Kitbox System.

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a thought through system for organising workshops, assembly lines, maintenance & repair or similar workplaces, and is a highly usable system for everyone working with LEAN/5S principles.

Depot / Trolley

Lightweight, robust, versatile and with an excellent overview

The CarryLite LMS System includes depots and trolleys for storage and organisation of multiple CarryLite boxes in one place. raaco has several versions of depots and trolleys for kinds of storage and organisational requirements. The depots and trolleys are made of leightweight aluminum.


Can be custom-made as required 

We can also create customised depots and trolleys, tailored to your company’s specific requirements. For more information, please contact raaco Great Britain on tel. + 44 (01993) 776333 or




1. Lightweight, solid and versatile storage system for storage of CarryLites. Gives a quick overview. Available both as trolley and depot and in several variants. Offer custom made variants for different kinds of need.

2. Bearings with stops keep the compartment boxes in place.

3. The trolley has handles for easy transport.

4. Label holder for ID purposes gives a better overview.

5. Trolley available with two collapsible shelves to support 2 CarryLites in use. Good as an extra working space.

6. Wheels with brakes ensure trolley remains in position.

7. Made of lightweight aluminium.