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raaco FlightCase 4 is a water and dust proof case. The cases are made of high grade plastics (PP) which is resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in the majority of environments and in cold weather (-20 C). The piston valve levels out pressure when the cases are transported in air cargo. The holes on both top and bottom makes it possible to lock and seal it. The inner space can be adjusted to required products with layes of soft foam. raaco FlightCase meets the requirements from ISO IP67.

Colour: Black

Depth: 366.0 mm / 14.5 inches
Width: 464.0 mm / 18.3 inches
Height: 176.0 mm / 7.0 inches
Weight: 2.800 kg / 6.173 lbs
Carriage load: 30.00 kg / 66.14 lbs
Qty. per carton: 1

Made of polypropylene (PP)