CarryLite Kitbox System

CarryLite Kitbox System

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a storage system comprising boxes with accessories, shelving units and trolleys for storage of several boxes. The system is versatile, lightweight and robust containing standard products as well as customer specific solutions which are made to order.

The highly regarded CarryLite boxes were launched in 1996 and have proven to be a bestseller and probably the most versatile and robust storage box ever made. Naturally the CarryLite box became the cornerstone of the new Kitbox System.

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a thought through system for organising workshops, assembly lines, maintenance & repair or similar workplaces, and is a highly usable system for everyone working with LEAN/5S principles.

Inserts LMS

About inserts LMS

There are two different versions of the inserts LMS (CA-inserts). Each containing 11 different sizes. Both versions are transparent but the FOD-version contains added fluorescent material for better visibility using black light (UV-light).


The range of CA-inserts can be fixed in the click’n grid at the bottom of the CarryLite LMS cases.


All inserts LMS fit in to CarryLite LMS boxxes, which are available in size 4x8 and 5x10.


1. CA-inserts are made for the Kitbox System and CarryLite LMS and come in both a transparent and FOD version.

2. The FOD-inserts contains a fluorescent material for better visibility in dark surroundings (UV-light).

3. The CA-inserts have a click´n grid feature to fix the inserts in the bottom of the box. Can easily be clicked off from bottom of the box and repositioned as needed.

4. Each version (transparent and FOD) come in different sizes, which gives a flexible configuration of the compartment box.

5. Four of the inserts are reduced in the depth for storage of smaller parts.

6. Identify the content quickly - all inserts are made of a transparent plastic in a high quality.

7. Made of polypropylene (PP) and tolerate many different chemicals.