CarryLite Kitbox System

CarryLite Kitbox System

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a storage system comprising boxes with accessories, shelving units and trolleys for storage of several boxes. The system is versatile, lightweight and robust containing standard products as well as customer specific solutions which are made to order.

The highly regarded CarryLite boxes were launched in 1996 and have proven to be a bestseller and probably the most versatile and robust storage box ever made. Naturally the CarryLite box became the cornerstone of the new Kitbox System.

The CarryLite Kitbox System is a thought through system for organising workshops, assembly lines, maintenance & repair or similar workplaces, and is a highly usable system for everyone working with LEAN/5S principles.

CarryLite LMS

About CarryLite LMS

CarryLite LMS kitboxes are all with double lid, which makes it possible to insert a description, layout of content or assembly instructions. The boxes also contain a click grid feature, where all CA-inserts are easily fixed to the bottom of the box to secure the content during transport.


CarryLite LMS kitboxes come in 2 different sizes called 4x8 and 5x10, and share the same height. The boxes come in 3 different colours. The one colour is standard raaco blue and the others are two special colours (RAL 2005 and RAL 2016) with added fluorescent material for better visibility in dark surroundings.


All boxes can be provided with ID-tags in different colours for colour coding each box to ensure quick identification of the right box and content.


1. Robust assortment box made of impact-resistant material. Come in 2 different sizes and 3 different colours. The colours red and yellow are made of fluorescent material for better visibility in dark surroundings.

2. Red open/closed indicator. Can be locked and secured with a pull-tight seal.

3. Double lid for storage of documents.

4. Click´n grid feature to fix the inserts easily in the box and ensure they remain in place.

5. Use ID-tags for better identification of the CarryLite and quick access to the content. Come in 9 different colours.

6. Possible to get a customised foam inlay for storage of tools and other accessories, which protects during transport.

7. Storage of several CarryLites in a depot or trolley, which gives a quick overview. Made of lightweight aluminium.

8. Use of BinFlag, which is a stock control system for the warehouse.

Foam inlay

Organising tools in a foam inlay inside a CarryLite Kitbox will not only protect the tools but also help in identifying missing tools before leaving the job.


raaco offers the opportunity to create customised foam inlay through an online web-enabled foam configurator in colour black, blue, red, yellow, green and light grey, combined with anthracite-grey at the top. The foma we use is a high-quality PE foam.


Contact raaco Great Britain on tel. + 44 (01993) 776333 or for more info.


The MAAG KIT kitbox is specially made to ensure the right part and quantity is in the right place at the right time. Eliminates work stops due to insufficient part quantities and types.


The compartment inserts preventlost/falling parts and facilitates faster installation through your own specially made kitbox.


Contact raaco Great Britain on tel. + 44 (01993) 776333 or for more info.